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SECURITY DOOR & SAFETY DOOR is your Manufacturer of Security Door & Safety Door Supplier in Malaysia with 30 years of experience. Our High-Quality Security Doors & Safety Doors are trusted by many Malaysians in their homes because our Safety Doors are equipped with dead bolt locks. Therefore, Security Doors at Security Door & Safety Door are extremely durable and solid at their core frame structure.


Our Safety & Security Doors will deter unwanted intruders. This is because it is impossible to penetrate as there is a multiple locking system embedded in all our Security Doors. On top of that, we have countless Security Door designs which you can mix and match with Steel, Alloy & Laser-Cut material & technology.

Security Door Price in Malaysia | Security Door & Safety Door


How much does it cost to buy a Security Door in Malaysia? Or in Malay, “Harga Security Door Malaysia”

It depends on how many Security Door locks and your Security Door Design. Another factor is if your Security Door Supplier is near you.

A Security Door can be priced from RM1,660 to as high as RM19,000 depending on the material, the location, the number of locks and additional specifications to your Security Door. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable Safety Door or “Pintu Safety Door”, contact us today.

Security Door Designs | Security Door & Safety Door


There are generally four types of Security Door Designs in Malaysia. Stainless Steel, Alloy, Laser-Cut and Fully Stainless Steel Security Doors.

There are a few Stainless Steel grade. It is advisable to go for the 304 grade design for your Security Door.

Alloy on the other hand has a number of beautiful textured designs which go very well on Security Doors.

Laser-Cut uses a machine to cut out any design. Perfect for your Security Door.

Security Door Near Me | Security Door & Safety Door


If you are looking for a Security Door Manufacturer near you, you have come to the right place.

We are able to deliver and install your Security Door all over Malaysia including Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak.

We have over 300 dealers in Malaysia with export to Sabah and Sarawak.

Our trained group of sales team is ever ready to answer any of your Security Door Questions. We are just a heart beat away from you.

Security Door Location | Security Door & Safety Door


We are approaching the new online platform. We will provide you with full Security Door information which includes size, color, price, opening direction, opening size, installation details, locks, material and the list goes on.

If you are looking for Security Doors, we cover all areas in Malaysia. This includes Klang, Subang Jaya, OUG, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Puchong, Serdang, Sunway, Kepong, SS2, SS18, Petaling Jaya, Sea Park, Kota Kemuning, Cyberjaya, Cheras, Nilai and the list goes on.


Why choose our Safety Door and Security Door?

Stainless Steel Security Door | Security Door & Safety Door

All our Security Doors are made of Steel. For our Stainless Steel category, our design on the frame is made of Stainless Steel [Anti-rust] . At Security Door & Safety Door, we offer your Beautiful Safety Door designs with maximum security.

Choose a unique 304 Stainless Steel designs to custom laser-cut to your design.

Stainless Steel is long lasting and never rusts. This Security Door is great for our hot and cold climate in Malaysia.

Inspired by minimalist designs. Security Door & Safety Door has introduced sturdy, one-of-a-kind Steel Doors with Alloy designs.

Our Safety Doors and Security Steel Doors safety standards are the #1 Security Door Supplier in Malaysia.

Prices for instance, at Security Door & Safety Door, are very reasonable. Looking for Alloy Steel Security Doors? Check Security Door & Safety Door.

Alloy Security Door | Security Door & Safety Door
Laser-Cut Security Door | Security Door & Safety Door

Laser-Cut designs are premium as you are able to cut any design of your choice. It gives security as well as allowing your to semi customize your Security Door.

Firstly, Security Door & Safety Door’s Laser-Cut Security Door Series has the top safety standard. This is achieved with our multiple lock system.

In addition to that, we deliver Quality Security Doors for your maximum security and comfort. Our Computer Numerical Control, CNC machine is always turned on creating your perfect designs.